Below, my professional assessment; 2014

my professional assessment

As you can see, when comparing these 2 graphs (2014 vs 2002), I have learned to:

  •   Be More independent; 
    • Speak openly about personal achievements; Take individual initiative
  •  Take more risk; 
    • Preferring/Supporting rapid decision-making and quick results.
  •  Be more direct. 
    • Feeling comfortable disagreeing with others and giving them feedback.
  •  Be More Egalitarian.
    • Being comfortable challenging the views of superiors; Treat everyone much the same; Be relatively flexible regarding roles

Below, my professional assessment; 2002

Independent vs interdependent
egalitarianism vs status
Direct vs indirect

Task vs Relationships

This is just the beginning!, after you get this results, the interesting part is when comparing your results with your team..., OR, with another Organization, or Country.


 old comparison - 2002