All about ISO 9001


Looking to the future of ISO 9001. 

As its website recently published:

"First published in 1987, ISO 9000 has consistently been ISO’s most popular series of standards. Now, building on 25 years of success, ISO technical committee ISO/TC 176, Quality management and quality assurance, subcommittee SC 2, Quality systems, is busy laying the groundwork for the next generation of quality management standards.

 ISO/TC 176/SC 2’s vision is for its products (primarily ISO 9001 and ISO 9004) to be “recognized and respected worldwide, and used by organizations as an integral component of their sustainable development initiatives”.

ISO 9001: 2015 Committee Draft- General Changes

It has been said that the new Version of the ISO 9001 Standard: 

  • Adopts  high-­‐level  structure  and  terminology  of  Annex  SL,  a  unified guideline used for the development of all new ISO standards 
  • Has been redrafted to increase clarity and accessibility, reducing room for interpretation 
  • Introduces    two   new    clauses    relating    to   the   context    of   the organization, which require the organization to determine the issues and requirements that can impact on the planning of the quality management  system  and  can  be  used  as an  input  into  the development  of the quality management  system. These clauses can be found in sections 4.1 and 4.2. 
  • Makes the adoption of a process approach in the implementation of a quality management system more explicit, by including clause 4.4.2, which  specifies  the  requirements   for  the  adoption  of  a  process approach 
  • Replaces  the  term  ‘products’  by  ‘goods  and  services’,  in  order  to remove the existing bias towards organizations dealing with physical products.   As  a  result,   the   new   standard   will   be  applicable   for organizations of any kind.  
  • Does not contain a clause with specific requirements for preventive action. ISO motivates this decision by arguing that prevention is the task of the quality management system in its entirety, as opposed to a specific subsection of it.  

ISO 9001:2008. Things to improve / change.

In more than 15 years providing Consulting Services, this has been the section of ISO 9001 that has encountered more resistance; Specialist always talk about the possibility of: 
  • Change the wording, 
  • making it 'exhaustive', Specific.
  • To make this Section SMART (as per definition of SMART Objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic,Time-Bound)

ISO 9001, Quality Objectives

Well, let's hope for the best, this new edition, currently under review, will be available in late 2015.