Book: Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution (1993), by James Champy and Michael Hammer.
The introduction to the book on Times Magazine states:

<<… Rigid divisions of labor — which once sped up productivity in fledgling corporate America — was now driving the sluggishness and lack of creativity holding firms back, the authors contend. They advocate for a radical redesign of the way companies process and organize their business, including regrouping multiple jobs into one. No wonder the book is credited with inspiring corporate downsizing in the 1990s. In the digital age, its insights still ring true…>


Probably this is one of the books that more inspired my work as a problem solver, always looking for ways to increase efficiency, Productivity, while reducing costs.

 The whole idea of BPR is to find ways to improve an organization by the use of Information Technology; to represent the organization As-is..., and as it Should-Be, and therefore eliminating Non-Value added Activities. The whole idea is organizing the organization by its Processes: horizontally, instead of by its functions: vertically. 


New Techniques are many, starting with 
Business Process Mapping, which is much more that the ANSI Decision Flow Diagram that it is shown on the previous link.
 Process Approach vs Functional organization

Time Management, applied to management, instead of Manufacturing
TIme Management


 It all comes from what Taylor and all the founders of Scientific Management called Motion Study, however, this time applied to management Processes instead of manufacturing jobs like was the case in the early XX Century.