Case-Study 1 - Example: In a company of Building Materials.
In a Company of building materials you want to analyse prospective preventive behaviour of a set of indicators of the production process Tile bilayers in order to identify historical trends and possible outcomes over the next productive periods. To test if the data is a time series or not, I used Statgraphics Centurion XV, on which the option Descriptive Time Series method, gives the possibility to apply...laying-ceramic-floor-tiles-man-hands-closeup-marking-tile-to-be-cut


Key Words:

Process Capability, Statistical Process Control, Process sigma level, defects per million opportunities. Minitab

 In the company "Marco Polo" there have been problems of damage to containers of powdered milk during inventory management operations. Also causing problems with customers due to the delivery of these products. 
For this company has a defect level that reaches 25,777 defects per million opportunities.......
 ..... Here is a typical example of one of the main contradictions in businessPDCA Cycleincrease production capacity or increase capacity in terms of quality

Case 3- Quality improvement of cans for canned food


 Key Words:

Suppliers Selection, Process Capability, Statistical Process control, Sigma Level of Process, Defect per Million of Opportunities, DMAIC

 A company is receiving a lot of complaints about the quality of products supplied, most of them around the sealed parts and nicks on the body. 

canned food

For that reason the factory will employ the Six Sigma DMAIC procedure in order to 

find and eliminate the principal root cause of the problem.



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NOTE: The last one, is a paper that I published in Spanish, in 2003, in a scientific renowned Spanish magazine, as part of my PhD studies (I changed my professional interest, and did not finished it). I decided to put it here because of the multivariate techniques that were applied. They are very useful in Quality of Services activities, due to the great amount of variables involved.

A Continuous Improvement Approach: Closing the Loop in an engineering, procurement, and construction management environment.

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